Foundation for transmission lines


Your reliable partner for foundation for transmission lines, hydroelectric plants, industrial buildings, infrastructures and special work areas in Norway.

Concrete foundations and Prefabricated steel foundations.

D UCI NORGE AS is currently operating in the Region of Northern Norway on the project “New Transmission line 420 kV Balsfjord-Reisadalen” for the construction of the foundations (Contractor Statnett SF). Balsfjord – Reisadalen (twr 413) TL Length 123 km Galvanized lattice type towers. Concrete foundations and Prefabricated steel foundations.

Duci Norge AS is responsible for mapping and classifying soil and rock conditions and the selection of correct foundation type. The soil condition and rock classification is recorded in a foundation report for each and every foundation. Duci Norge AS’s geologists and surveyors are always available on site during the foundation work and decide if it might be necessary to use measures to stabilize the excavations in wetland areas with sheet piles or similar

DUCI NORGE AS is responsible for building on this site 2 types of foundations: concrete and prefabricated steel foundations.

For towers in “bad rock” conditions DUCI NORGE AS is excavating the rock and placing a prefabricated steel foundation instead of extensive strengthening of the rock. “Bad rock” is made into soil and prefabricated steel foundations are used instead of extensive rock anchoring.