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Our history written in stone

DUCI NORGE AS is the sister company based in Norway of IMPRESA DUCI S.R.L., an Italian owned company, founded in 1958. IMPRESA DUCI S.R.L. is an historic, high-qualified and certified company for construction works in general managing its business policy with objectives aimed at achieving high quality standards of services and goods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the high level of specialization achieved in these different fields, a new corporate headquarter could be opened in 2016 in Norway named DUCI NORGE AS. The efficient organizational structure and the operational capability of IMPRESA DUCI S.R.L. enable DUCI NORGE AS to carry out successfully complex works through the implementation of specific operating procedures to ensure compliance with adequate security conditions and delivery time.

We operate successfully in the sector of industrial construction, infrastructures and facilities, hydraulic and hydroelectric building works as well as high-voltage transmission lines. We also operate in special sectors like works at high altitude, settings of rock fall and avalanches protection nets.

The high level of professionalism and expertise achieved by the staff together with the use of specific thesis questions equipment and devices enable us to carry out special interventions even in situations of extreme difficulty and always under security conditions.

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