Duci’s finally back to Norway

Duci is finally back to Norway: look at the news

Duci’s finally back to Norway

03.12.2021, Duci Norge AS signed one of his largest contracts to date with Kraftmontasje AS, as subcontractor for foundations on Statnett SF’s project 132 kV transmission line Kvandal-Kanstadbotn. The whole contract concerns the replacement of a 74 km long power line between Kvandal and Kanstadbotn along the border between Nordland and Troms and Finnmark.

The main contract is entered into with Statnett and the line is part of the Norwegian central grid and one of the main supplies to Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hålogaland. The existing 132 kV power line is approaching the end of its technical service life, the new high-voltage transmission line will replace the existing line.

Duci Norge AS participated in the tender from the beginning in 2020 with Kraftmontasje AS, the only Norwegian bidder, among many foreign companies participating in the tender. The confirmation of the award finally arrives in autumn 2021 and is the news the company had been waiting for a long time allowing to come back to Norway after the end of the last subcontract ended 2019 and a two- year stop mainly due to the global health emergency.

The project consists of new construction of over 250 new towers in steel and composite. The new foundations are executed by Duci Norge AS, the official subcontractor for new foundations while other subcontractors are responsible for Forest Clearing, Assembly and Engineering, the work will continue until 2024.

The cooperation with a Norwegian contractor is what we have been hoping for a long time, that makes us proud and sure of an important professional growth – say Pietro and Ernesto Duci, CEO and Executive Director of the company. Now, that this new project has actually given us the opportunity to resume business in Norway, the goal for which we are already working, is to participate in new tenders in close collaboration with local partners in order to have a stable organization working with continuity in Norway but in different business areas.

The certified management systems are a guarantee for a solid organization according to the requirements of planning, implementation and final check of the services performed on the construction site. The HSE system (health, safety and environment) suits the Scandinavian countries requirements making sure safe working conditions are implemented inside and outside the company.

The construction work is to be performed under extreme environmental and weather conditions. DUCI NORGE AS team (about 30 skilled workers, geologist, surveyors, safety supervisors, site manager) faces daily difficulties linked to frozen ground, frost, very strong wind, very low temperatures, snow and ice for many months and few hours of sunlight during the winter season. The specific request to work throughout the year comes directly from the Client, no break is foreseen during the winter months. This is why in summer, many environmental restrictions are in force limiting the operations on the construction site, certain activities are to be carried out in winter and increase the degree of difficulty of our staff’s daily work.

For the transport of materials and steel components helicopters are often used so that no route for trucks is necessary and the local flora, fauna and landscape can be preserved as well as reindeer farming sites, Sami cultural heritage and natural reserves thanks to a strict restrictions scheme.

The work sites are often located in rocky areas or on steep and rough terrain.
Nevertheless, the concrete works can be carried out with the help of helicopters, even in winter and at very low temperatures down to -25°C, thanks to special heating generators that allow ground thawing, heating and concrete casting.
The company has to be equipped with special equipment and machines for a high-performance project execution: in addition to heating generators, spider excavators, concrete pumps and special drilling machines coming from both Norwegian and Italian suppliers.
Unlike what happens many times in other countries, here the rules are very defined and precise, although rigid, it is impossible to find shortcuts to break them. This generates a high-quality work environment, with more inspections but also more attention to workers, safety and environment.

We’ve landed in a country with a harsh climate, not entirely unknown to the Alpine areas of origin in Italy as well as in other European countries where Impresa Duci SRL has been operating for years on many construction sites located in rocky areas which have increased the staff specialization.
Endless winters, frost, snow, ice and little sunlight during the winter season but also enchanting fjords and wonderful skies by Northern Lights.

The working conditions are extreme but extreme and daring are our workers, a mix of toughness enriched by the high degree of specialization. All this makes us proud of crossing the Alps and working in cooperation with international contractors who believe in us and our expertise; together with them we make the Scandinavian dream, that we share and love, every day a little more real.