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Nytt Hjertvatn kraftverk

Nytt kraftverk

Hjertvatn power plant is located in Narvik municipality in Nordland county. The power plant project is located in Melkedalen, approx. 5.6 miles along FV731/E6 from the center of Narvik.


The context

Hjertvatn power plant was commissioned in 1957 and is now undergoing an extensive upgrade and expansion. The electromechanical installation in the power station is to be upgraded/replaced, in addition to the plans to build Røvatn power plant, which will be a power plant located in the rear, which will have its drain into Hjertvatn with new water transferred from Røvasselva via Røvatn power station. Røvatn power station will be left without a road at the heart of Hjertvatn. This means that there will be a significant increase in the catchment area and production at the new Hjertvatn power plant.



  • Construction site preparation in the area used for handling loads and temporary warehouse.
  • The demolition of the anchor blocks of the existing forced lines and part of the perimeter wall of the control unit to ensure the passage of the new connection flange.
  • The demolition of the existing flooring and the creation of a housing within the structure where the new turbine will be placed.
  • Cleaning, reprofiling and waterproofing of the collection tank for oils dispersed in the transformer room.
  • The creation of a new warehouse inside the control unit, by filling the existing void with waste material and creating a new internal partition.
  • The finishing works.
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New Hjertvatn power plant will utilize the effluent from a field of 34 km2, from the intake at elevation 237 down to the power station at elevation 56. The regulation height is 10.3 metres, from HRV at 254.3 down to LRV at elevation 244.0. This gives a magazine volume of 20.1 million m3.
Today's Hjertvatn power plant consists of a Francis unit with an installed output of 2.5 MW and an annual production of approx. 7 GWh. With an upgrade and expansion of the current Hjertvatn power station, a complete new electromechanical package will be delivered. This must either be adapted to the best possible extent and integrated into the existing building stock, or installed in a new building being built on the same site. Here, the providers are invited to come up with proposals for their solutions that take care of the whole of the installation. This means a new installation of equipment adapted to the current building or a new installation in a new building.
The client wants an offer for the best possible solution based on price, quality, production optimization, building measures, as well as delivery and assembly time. The tenderer describes an adaptation of his delivery to the existing building stock, possibly sketching another solution (ref. option 4).
Today's waterway will continue to be used after the upgrade of the facility. The waterway consists of a combination of a tunnel and a steel pipe on trestles during the day. The pipe system during the day means that during the winter the plant must partly be run at a low water flow to prevent frost in the pipe system. This means that one will also assess the efficiency of the machine installation during forced winter operation.



OMRÅDENordkraft AS
  • Troyer SPA


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≈ 560.000,00 €



Hjertvatn (near Narvik)